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Are you feeling stuck in your unhappy marriage or suffering from the guilt and shame of divorce?

This video will help you feel
hopeful about your future


Learn how Conscious Uncoupling™ can turn a tragic breakup

into a healthy new beginning

Create Your Happy Even After

If you’re considering, going through, or recovering from divorce, learn how you can heal your broken heart, reclaim your power, and redefine your life.

Your compassionate guide to healing your heart so that you feel empowered, hopeful, courageous, and confident in all areas of your life.

Conscious Uncoupling

Learn more about the 5-step process that is changing the way people break up and helping them create their
Happily Even After.

 Has marriage flipped you the bird?

I can help.

Hi, I’m Karen.

I help women through one of the most difficult challenges of their lives and guide them to turn their pain into the power they need to create their Happy Even After.

I’ve not only survived, but thrived after the tragedy of losing myself in relationships and recovering from divorce. I’ve made it my mission to help other women do the same thing.

My clients are smart, sophisticated women who know they’ve been settling for less than they deserve in their relationships and life. They put on their happy face for the world, but their soul is dying a bit more each day. They’re fiercely loyal, loving, and compassionate, but they’re tired of people pleasing, over-giving, toughing it out, and doing the same old things, expecting different results.


And they’re at a crossroads…continue to stay stuck with the pain and anxiety of an unfulfilling marriage or divorce, or leap wildly into a deeply authentic and joyful life, completely connected to their truth.

Life is just waiting for you to grab it like the courageous warrior that you are and create everything that you’ve ever wanted.

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