Conscious Uncoupling™ Certified Coach

Do you find yourself worrying all day about how you’re going to get over your heartbreak?

Does worrying about you and your kids’ future keep you up at night?

There are so many thoughts going through your head when you’re dealing with divorce.


Worrying will never change the outcomeAm I making the “right” decision?

What will people think of me?

Will I be able to pay the bills?

How will I get over my loneliness?

Will I ever find love again?


These thoughts certainly swirled around in my head, often consuming me and breaking me down into a puddle of tears.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s critical for you to feel your feelings.

Otherwise, you can’t heal.

But, there’s a difference between feeling your feelings and deciding to permanently reside at the intersection of Worry Way, Anger Avenue, and Hopeless Highway.

The thing is, worrying will never change the outcome.

Worrying just fuels the negative, internal talk.

Your thoughts then turn toxic, creating feelings of anger, jealousy, rage, and hopelessness.

You become more anxious.

And the cycle repeats…more worry, more toxic feelings, less sleep.

The first step to breaking this cycle is to become aware of it.

Next time your find yourself worrying at 2:00 am, try this.

  • Take a few long, slow deep breaths
  • Grab a journal or notebook and write down everything that is on your mind. Don’t overanalyze it, just let your feelings flow.

This practice alone can help ease your stress as you are relieving the pressure that has built up inside of you – kind of like removing the cork in a bottle that is under extreme pressure. The energy dissipates.

  • Take a few more long, slow deep breaths, and ask yourself,
    What is one action step that I can take tomorrow that would help me solve whatever I’m worrying about?

No matter if the action step is big or small. Taking any action will help you transform the worry into a peaceful heart.

Share your action step below – I’d love to hear, and it will help others facing a similar journey.