Conscious Uncoupling™ Certified Coach

And She Lived
Happily Even After…

Even though I had divorced many years ago, I realized that I still had old relationship wounds to heal. I took a leap of faith and decided to work with Karen. The Conscious Uncoupling process, coupled with Karen’s skillful, insightful, and ever-compassionate coaching proved to be inspirational and powerful.

From the very beginning Karen assisted me in setting an intention to work on being deeply and lovingly in relationship with myself, exactly where I needed to start. In the weeks ahead, I truly came to understand that early on, I had engineered a no-win situation with myself that left me sad and depressed for a good portion of my life.

Through the various chapters and exercises, and ups and downs of the Conscious Uncoupling process, I began to understand and experience the powerful concept of choice. No matter what I was experiencing at the start of the session, Karen’s empowerment of me always left me with a sense of well-being and support in the end. Additionally, her artful means of directing me towards committing to actions, agreements, and choices helped to create the possibility of a happy even after.

And now, the work continues… for understanding is only half the equation…honoring the agreements, actions and choices made in the sessions through Karen’s assistance, are the bones of discipline I am forming that will help shift from an old unhappy paradigm towards a new paradigm for myself, sourced in love of myself and others. Thank you Karen, for helping to birth me into a more self-loving person.


Karen was a dream to work with as she essentially held my hand while guiding me on a healing path. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t have the opportunity to work with her. She helped me move past the deep sorrow and pain I was holding on to after my divorce. I am now moving at the speed of light in my business because I don’t have all of that emotional baggage weighing me down. Working with Karen was such a blessing as I am now living a peaceful, happy life. Stephanie

Healing Your Heart was a transforming experience thanks to Karen’s coaching expertise. She created a safe and nurturing environment for me to do the work. I was amazed how by the end of each session my perspective had changed which helped me to improve an important relationship. Using the framework Karen provided, I felt empowered to explore and identify beliefs and behaviors that blocked my relationships. This was such an amazing experience and I feel very lucky to have worked with Karen through the process. She is a gifted and skilled coach who inspires trust and openness through the process.


When I was presented with an opportunity to work with Karen to focus on “Conscious Uncoupling,” I did not hesitate. I had no idea what to expect or if/how it would help me, but I knew that despite the hard work I had already put into the healing process after a 20 year marriage ended in a devastating divorce, there were some final areas to focus on in order for me to “be free” and take the reins of my own life.

It is not easy work and I found myself resisting the areas where the most work was needed (focusing on my role in the past and how I would want relationships to be different in the future by changing myself). But, it was rewarding work and Karen has an uncanny way of gently surfacing the resistance and encouraging the push through. Change is generally not a onetime affair, and I refer often to the notes and affirmations I made during my work with her. I was blessed to work with Karen.


Karen is beyond awesome and I have no words to describe her immense heart…the golden space of presence she holds for another to heal and gently lead them to their bigger journey. I literally shed barrages of heavy load with just one hour from her work that I couldn’t shed in a year. And I have suggested her work to many. You will be sooo blessed to experience her! I am beyond grateful for her powerful, bright, shining work, full of compassion and light!


When my husband blindsided me with the news that he didn’t want to continue our marriage, I was stunned. I felt the need to DO something, to be proactive in working through my pain and anger. Karen guided me through the Conscious Uncoupling process, which was often challenging, but ultimately revealed a future full of possibilities. Karen helped me face my fears, insecurities, and disappointments with compassion and wisdom. The time spent with this program put me on the road to healing and hope.


Such profound, moving insights were revealed to me during my coaching sessions with Karen. I have written the most significant insights as short affirmations to review each morning. This serves not only as a “reset” button, but as the “North Star” for my day’s journey. Thank you, Karen, for your loving kindness and guidance in this very personal exploration.


The Breakthrough Shadow Coaching program with Karen was a eye-opening experience for me. The work is focused and sometimes difficult as it challenges long-held limiting beliefs. However, with Karen’s gentle approach and just enough “push” she honestly made me realize and accept my true mental and physical road-blocks.

I was able to use these tools again after our sessions were complete. Within one month, I lost my dog of 16 years, broke my ankle, and my father passed away unexpectedly – all during the holiday season. Referring back to my notes from my sessions with Karen, I found focus (for the tasks at hand), strength (for my family) and mental peace (for myself) during this very difficult time. And, I continue to draw on those tools on a daily basis! I would highly recommend Breakthrough Shadow Coaching with Karen. You will be surprised with what you will find out about yourself!


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