Conscious Uncoupling™ Certified Coach

Happy Summer Solstice!

Today, we will experience a once–in-a-lifetime celestial event with the solstice occurring simultaneously with the full moon. This hasn’t happened in 70 years. 

The summer solstice is often said to represent love, emotions, and relationships. It is a time of “death and rebirth” where the old self dies to be born into a greater life.

I recall finally ending a relationship that no longer served me during a full moon.

Despite the pain and toxicity of this relationship, I tortured myself for way too long, trapped in the confusion and fear that were controlling my life.

In my heart, I knew that I needed to end it, but I allowed myself to remain stuck with the guilt and shame of feeling like a failure.

Afterwards, when I learned about the symbolism of the full moon, it made perfect sense that I was finally able to push past my fears and speak my truth during this time.

So tonight, take the time to release what no longer serves you.

Forgive and let go.

Transformational Action:

Go outside tonight, look up at the beautiful moon, and ask your higher power – God, Spirit, Source, Universe… (whatever resonates with you):

  • What or who do I need to bless and release right now?
  • Whom do I need to forgive? 

Allow yourself to be still, drop into your heart, connect with the oneness of the universe, and hear the answers.

Decide how you will honor the answers you hear.

What action step will you take?

This practice will allow you to create a beautiful new vision for yourself – a vision full of love, peace, and joy.

You deserve happiness. You are worthy of everything your heart desires.

With love and blessings,


P.S. If you need additional support with releasing what no longer serves you, I’d be happy to schedule a Free 20 minute call with you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!