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Philadelphia shouldn’t hold a parade in honor of Villanova winning the national championship.

I’ve heard this and several other disparaging rants about Villanova over the past few days.

Some want to connect the minor mischief that occurred after the win on Monday night with Villanova being an elitist and predominantly white school.

Locals spoke out about the various reasons for which they would never root for Villanova after they had reached the Final Four.

I brought this up as dinner conversation last night in hopes of teaching my kids about the power of positivity, inclusiveness, and community.

Why would anyone not want to be fully supportive and happy for Villanova’s huge accomplishment? Where’s the brotherly love?

I realize that Villanova University does not reside in Philadelphia. But do boundaries really matter when the region has something this wonderful to celebrate?

And yes, the school’s VanillaNova nickname has some validity.

But what does that have to do with Villanova winning the national title? Why do we need to go down the racial path?

What if we focused on celebrating the amazing accomplishments of hardworking, dedicated athletes who seem to exhibit great humility and strength of character?

How much happier would we be if we could come together as a community to build each other up instead of looking for any opportunity to find fault and tear each other down?

From what I’ve seen, Coach Jay Wright and the team are leading with honor and integrity. In his remarks to the team after the game, Coach Wright told the players that they are not perfect, but they are unselfish, humble men with great character. “Let’s remain that way as champions,” he said.

Let’s see if we can learn from these young men and let our generous, humble, imperfect hearts rise above the negativity and come together to enjoy the moment and celebrate a win that is truly special for the Philadelphia community.

I am proud to be a part of #NovaNation. Go CATS!