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What I Learned from Scandal’s Papa Pope

Confession: the television show, Scandal is one of my guilty pleasures.

When I feel like my life is spinning out of control, the craziness of Scandal helps me remember that things could be a lot worse! A little “white hat” distraction is good once in a while.

As Scandal wrapped up its season last week, Joe Morton (Olivia’s father, aka Papa Pope) was on the interview circuit.

He discussed the show but what I found even more inspiring was his story of how he got into acting.

Joe entered Hofstra University as a Psych major. The first day of orientation included a visit to the school’s theater where the students watched a skit about what their first year of school might be like.

When it was over, Joe was so mesmerized that he couldn’t get out of his seat.

He sat there looking at the stage and thought that since he’d been singing for a while, maybe he’d like to be an actor.

He then did something truly incredible.

Joe got up and walked directly to the registrar’s office. He changed all of his classes from psychology to drama.

As one might imagine, his family was not happy about this decision. His grandmother even changed her mind about giving him financial support for school.

It was a pretty bold move.

Turns out, studying drama in college launched his incredible career as an accomplished television, film and theater actor. He began living his passion and purpose.

All because he listened to that little whisper inside of him that told him what he needed to do.

It got me thinking…

How many times do we hear that whisper, the one giving us a nudge to do something or say something?

But then, we allow all of the other voices that are usually speaking (or screaming) a lot louder to take over.

The voices that tell us why we can’t do something.

Or, why we shouldn’t say something.

Or, how we might disappoint someone.

And it usually has to do with listening to the call of other people’s needs.

What would my mother say if I chose to go back to work and put my children in day care instead of being a stay–at-home mom like she was?

What would my boss think if I spoke up and disagreed with the rest of the team?

What would my friend say if I told her that she really hurt my feelings?

What would my husband say if I told him that I wanted to quit my soul-sucking job and start my own business?

And then all of the voices get muddled together and we ignore that gentle nudge. The nudge that is our truth speaking.

And, we lose another small piece of our self.

We allow our dreams to die.

Which leads to becoming disappointed, angry, and resentful because we are so far out of alignment with our true nature.

I understand, because I have done it for most of my life.

I chose college courses that were aligned with the safe path to securing a future job.

I chose jobs that were completely unrewarding but were my next “right” step.

I chose to stay in relationships that caused me great heartache and put other people’s needs before my own.

But now that I am aware of it, I check in with that inner voice and I make more inspired choices.

Choices that are in alignment with my truth.

And you can do that, too.

Because that is where you find the peace. And where your life doesn’t feel like it is spinning out of control.

When you make choices that are aligned with your soul, the universe conspires to fulfill your greatest dreams and desires.

If only we followed Joe’s example and listened to that inner voice when it first speaks to us.

We’d certainly save ourselves a lot of heartache.

So today, what can you do to get closer to connecting with, and listening to your inner voice?

Find a quiet space. Take 3 long, slow deep breaths.

Ask God, Source, Spirit, Universe, (whatever resonates for you) what have you been trying to tell me?

Allow whatever rises to the surface to just be there. Perhaps it’s something that you have been ignoring as it has been causing anxiety or stress.

Take another 3 long, slow deep breaths and just listen.

What is your heart, your soul, your spirit trying to tell you?

It may be something small like taking the time to give yourself some extra care.

It may be telling you to say, “No,” to something you really don’t have time for or wish to take on.

It may be telling you to have a difficult conversation with someone that you’ve been avoiding for a long time.

Or, it may be something huge, like needing to quit your job or to leave a relationship that no longer serves you.

Whatever it is, just practice listening to that voice.

It is here to guide you.

And when we listen, miracles follow.


Please comment below and share what’s transformed for you when you’ve listened to that guiding voice in the past.

Or, share how you plan to take action after listening to it now. I’d love to hear!

Are you ready to experience more love, joy, laughter, and confidence?

It all begins by listening to that little whisper.


Be gentle with yourself. Listening to your inner wisdom takes practice. If you need support, contact me for a free 60 minutes Goodbye, Heartache. Hello, Joy! coaching session. I’m here to help!