Conscious Uncoupling™ Certified Coach

Holiday Forecast – Dreamy or Dreadful?

Are you excited for the holidays or feeling a sense of dread? The holidays can be a magical time of year but also a painful time when going through the relationship trauma of breakup or divorce. Your holiday traditions suddenly look very different. You now need to juggle your kids’ schedule with your ex and you may end up spending some holidays alone. read more

How to Handle an Unreasonable Ex

Frustrated that you can’t seem to reason with your ex? Relationships are work. Relationships with ex-partners can often be compared to pushing a huge rock a few inches up the hill and then feeling it slip a foot backwards. read more

Kick that Overwhelm (not the tree) to the Curb

It’s that time again – a festive month of celebrating family, friends, and good cheer. At least that is how it always begins…with thoughts of sugarplums – also known as trying to create the “perfect” holiday experience that only exists in movies. And then reality sets in…along with the overwhelm. read more

The Magic of Movement and a Throwback

December is supposed to be a magical month, but two days in and I’m already in a funk. Several days of rain, fighting off a bug, relationship stressors, and the holidays with their bills are looming. After getting the kids off to school I really just wanted to crawl back in bed. Did I mention that it’s raining and gloomy? read more

Gratitude is the Gateway to Peace

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays - togetherness without all the commercialism. Now I’m not saying that shopping and cooking for a large group and cranky relatives don’t bring their own share of stress, but mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and apple pie tend to make up for all of that. Due to your breakup, your Thanksgiving may not look or feel like it used to. read more

Choose Peace Instead of Chaos

It’s been an especially difficult week in the world with the various terrorist attacks that have claimed too many precious lives. Heartbreaking news, giving us another opportunity to unite as one as we send our prayers and support around the globe. I have read some very moving stories from people who experienced the tragedy in Paris. And despite all the horror, what shines through are the beautiful people who were there to comfort those in need. read more

Red Eyes, White Snow, and George

I just spent the last few days in Los Angeles, training with the fabulous Katherine Woodward Thomas, New York Times best selling author and creator of Conscious Uncoupling. More about that at another time, but I will say that it was truly transformational and my heart is full of love. read more

Are You Taking Enough Responsibility?

“When a situation develops gradually, no matter how weird that situation is, you get used to it.” -Andy Warhol I just came across this quote and, WOW, did it get my attention. Our lives are so busy and distracted that we often forget to be in the present moment, either in our relationships or in our environment. It reminded me of nature’s transformation in autumn. One day you notice a few yellow, orange, and red leaves, and next thing you know, the colors are past their beautiful peak of color. It also reminded me of the confusion I felt before, during and after my divorce. I often found myself wondering, “Just how the heck did I get here?” read more