Conscious Uncoupling™ Certified Coach

If you’re considering, going through, or recovering from divorce, learn how you can heal your broken heart and redefine your life, living with love, passion, and purpose.


Before a Breakup


This is often a time of high anxiety because you are in limbo-land. You know that you can’t live like this anymore, but are so scared to end the relationship. The pain often feels more comfortable than all of the uncertainty of an unknown future.

You are experiencing a tremendous amount of guilt, and worried about your kids, paying your bills, and possibly having to move.

Together, we will explore proven tools to help you gain clarity on what your heart truly desires so that you can release the guilt and begin to make empowering choices. While doing this deep, transformational work, you may even decide to stay in the relationship. Whatever the outcome, you will feel confident to move forward with ease and grace.

In the Midst of a Breakup


Whether or not you initiated the breakup, life feels very unfamiliar and unstable, with new schedules and routines. You are in the process of redefining your life on your terms.

Transforming your relationship into a bi-nuclear family may bring up many scary emotions. You’re learning how to navigate shared custody as well as experiencing kid- free time that may feel lonely.

Together, we will process those emotions and come up with strategies to help you make choices that are in alignment with your heart’s desires. You will build the courage and confidence to ask for what you need and not accept behaviors that disrespect your core values.


Recovering from a Breakup


No matter how much time that has passed since your breakup, old, familiar habits often creep back into your life.

By not making peace with your past, you may find yourself unconsciously sabotaging new opportunities for love. Or, you may find yourself attracting the same guy, time and time again, and wondering why it never works out.

Together, we will dig deep into your relationship story and uncover how you co-created your situation. Your heart will open as you gain empowering tools to accept that everything is as it should be, and find the forgiveness necessary to be sure that you will never repeat similar patterns that caused your heartbreak.

As your heart heals, you will feel your confidence grow, and you will feel empowered to create your Happy Even After.


Create Your Happy Even After


  • Imagine what you would create if peace and calm replaced worry and anxiety

  • Imagine what it would feel like to quiet your critical voice and feel confident in creating the life and love of your dreams

  • Imagine how free you would feel if you trusted your inner voice and were true to yourself

Now that you’ve connected with how amazing you’ll feel, you’re inspired to no longer settle for mediocrity.

You have fears but you want to push past them because you know there is something more out there.

You’re ready to heal your heart, reclaim your power, and move forward in the direction of your greatest vision and dreams.

All of this and more is available to you when you say, “YES!” to YOU!


Contact me today to schedule a Free, no obligation, Heal Your Heart session and let’s create your Happy Even After.